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Peruvian ginger season in full swing

The season for Peruvian organic ginger has started again. Our organic ginger is supplied from Peru and is grown by local farmers, with great passion and respect for nature. The quality of the ginger is sublime and is available in fine and coarse sizes. Thanks to good production in Peru, we expect the season to last until at least April 2018.

Please contact our sales team if you have other requirements. They will be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.

11 oct.
OTC participating Fruit Attraction in Madrid

This year OTC will be joining the Fruit Attraction for the first time which takes place from 18 to 20 October in Madrid.

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11 sept.

Notre projet est situé dans le sud-ouest de l’Équateur, dans les environs de la ville de Machala.

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14 août
Peruvian ginger season in full swing

Sublime quality Peruvian ginger

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15 juin
New supply of Senegalese organic mangos at OTC

« Supply Development » in full swing at OTC

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07 juin
OTC develops organic Colombian lime project

A significant achievement for OTC: organic Colombian limes

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12 avril
Weekly arrivals year-round organic pineapples

In 2014 we began developing organic pineapple production in Ivory Coast, in partnership with a growers collective in the region.

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