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New supply of Senegalese organic mangos at OTC

« Supply Development » in full swing at OTC
One of the focus areas of OTC-Holland is to develop supply of new products from new areas. By developing new projects and connect new suppliers to OTC, we hope to respond better to market needs. We reached a great achievement once again, as the first container of organic Kent mango from Senegal is expected this week. It is the first time that we offer organic mangos from Senegal. To accomplish that we work closely together with an organic growers cooperative in the southern Casamance region, embedded between Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. The cooperative has 500 members, of which 70 are organic growers. What makes this cooperative so special is that all members are active throughout the entire production chain: from cultivation to harvesting and from sorting to packaging. The mangos carry the label « Ecocert Responsible », which oversees the ethical, social and environmental procedures of the company. Besides that, the cooperative has its own organic certified packing station.

 Mangosorteerlijn Traceerbaarheidsproces

The cooperative is specialized in the cultivation of organic Kent mangos; a mango with stringless, juicy and very sweet flesh. For the next 6 weeks the mangos are available at OTC. After this period, we continue with the supply of organic mangos from the north of Senegal until the Spanish season begins. If you have questions about these Senegalese mangos, please contact the OTC Sales Team: / +31 (0) 320 289 030.

Enorme mangoboom in bloei

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11 oct.
OTC participating Fruit Attraction in Madrid

This year OTC will be joining the Fruit Attraction for the first time which takes place from 18 to 20 October in Madrid.

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11 sept.

Notre projet est situé dans le sud-ouest de l’Équateur, dans les environs de la ville de Machala.

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14 août
Peruvian ginger season in full swing

Sublime quality Peruvian ginger

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15 juin
New supply of Senegalese organic mangos at OTC

« Supply Development » in full swing at OTC

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07 juin
OTC develops organic Colombian lime project

A significant achievement for OTC: organic Colombian limes

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12 avril
Weekly arrivals year-round organic pineapples

In 2014 we began developing organic pineapple production in Ivory Coast, in partnership with a growers collective in the region.

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