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Our project is located in the south west of Ecuador close to the city of Machala. More than 25 years of experience in growing organic produce, a growing area totalling 550 hectares and favourable climatic conditions offer the ingredients for a stable supply of extremely high-quality, organic bananas. The bananas are packed centrally and marketed under the Ecofresh label.

OTC-Organics can offer you:
•  Direct imports from highly experienced growers;
•  Continuity and consistent quality;
•  Various social projects and certification;
•  A fair price for everyone.

Social commitment
In addition to quality, the Ecofresh label represents social development and a close commitment to its employees and the environment they live in. The past decade has seen considerable investments in education and social development initiatives. As well as establishing a school for our employees’ children, personal advancement is encouraged. The Ecofresh football team helps everyone relax and have fun, and supports the social development of young and old alike! The plantations grow organic bananas and Bio Fair Trade bananas. The project is naturally certified for various social and quality-based certification such as GLOBALG.A.P., Rainforest Alliance and Grasp.

Ripening takes place at one of Europe’s most advanced ripening stations. Years of experience in banana ripening combined with ultra-modern ripening installations mean that customisation can be provided at pallet level, for bananas of every colour stage. Using our new colour chart, we expect to respond better to the needs of the customers.

11 Oct
OTC participating Fruit Attraction in Madrid

This year OTC will be joining the Fruit Attraction for the first time which takes place from 18 to 20 October in Madrid.

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11 Sep

Our project is located in the south west of Ecuador close to the city of Machala.

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14 Aug
Peruvian ginger season in full swing

Sublime quality Peruvian ginger

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15 Jun
New supply of Senegalese organic mangos at OTC

“Supply Development” in full swing at OTC

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07 Jun
OTC develops organic Colombian lime project

A significant achievement for OTC: organic Colombian limes

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12 Apr
Weekly arrivals year-round organic pineapples

In 2014 we began developing organic pineapple production in Ivory Coast, in partnership with a growers collective in the region.

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